You are going to England for holiday. You would like to stay for a few days at your English friends. Write a letter and ask if it is possible.

Describe briefly your holiday plans.

Present your request.

Say how long you would like to stay.

Express hope for her/his return visit to Russia.

Write 120 150 words. Use informal letter plan given below.




Informal letter plan
  Dear ,
Paragraph 1 It was so good to hear from you. Thanks for your recent letter. Im sorry I havent written for so long, but
Paragraph 2  
Paragraph 3  
Paragraph 4  
Closing expression (s) Give my regards to, Looking forward to hearing from you/seeing you. All the best
Your first name  

You may use the following phrases: Im writing to ask you for your help/to do me a favour. I wonder/was wondering if I could ask you to I would be terribly/really grateful if you could


(In Britain by Michael Vaugham-Rees, Track Politics)

A. Listen to the text Parliament and answer the questions below.

1) How many chambers are there in British Parliament and what are they?

2) What are the functions of each house?

3) How many MPs or seats are there in the House of Commons and how many women are there among them?

4) Does the House of Lords consist of 1203 or 1205 members?

5) Who can be a member of the House of Lords?

6) Is the head of both Houses the Queen or Prime Minister?

B. Now listen to the speaker about forming a government and complete the description using words from the box.

Chancellor of the Exchequer MPs ministers 1731 Downing Street appoints opposition 11 parliament government

The party with most (1) forms the (2). The leader of the winning party automatically becomes Prime Minister and (3) the Cabinet. The members of the Cabinet are the leading government (4). The prime minister is the most important person in (5) (Britain does not have a President). The party who comes second is the (6) and forms its own Shadow Cabinet. British Prime ministers have lived at 10 Downing Street since (7). The (8) (responsible for money and finance) lives next door at number (9). People often talk about (10) when they mean the Prime Minister and his or her Cabinet.


A. Before you read, think about main characteristics of a nation's economic system.

B. Skim-read the text and compare your answers with those offered in the text.


  1. A Letter Dear Sergei,
  2. Appeal denied for killer who sent taunting letter
  3. B) Comment on the letter above. Point out in what it differs from Judy's earlier letters (see the text). Explain the last line of this letter. Is Judy quite serious here?
  6. Choose the correct form of the words in capital letters to fill in the text and you will find out more information about types of legal professions in Russia.
  7. Evaluate your composition according to the main principles of good writing: unity, coherence, and emphasis.
  8. F. Choose phrasal verbs you have known to complete this letter.
  9. Fill in the gaps in the passage with words given below in brackets. The initial letter of the words is provided.
  10. G. Add one job to each letter below. Use the pictures to help you.
  11. Go over the letters (see Unit Five) and copy down the samples of the complimentary close.
  12. Here is an advertisement and two letters asking for information. Read the letters and fill in the chart.

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C. Listen to three people planning a day trip. Write down three things they decide to do. | F. Which words below have a positive meaning? Which have a negative one? Use these words to complete the sentences below.

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