F. Which words below have a positive meaning? Which have a negative one? Use these words to complete the sentences below.

leading tight falling intensive highly mechanized efficient to reduce to contain to emerge from to outpace to decline to enjoy to cut to stimulate to stabilize to suspend to oppose


1) The English do life.

2) Production processes in Europe are

3) It is also an time for the production team.

4) The health care could be more

5) It is one of the UKs producers.

6) Creditconditions remain , while affordability, especially in London, is still poor.

7) UK house prices saw a slight rally last month after at the end of the year.

8) High interest rates, rising oil and food prices are likely to growth at about 7.5%, analysts said, down from 9% or more in previous years.

9) reservesof North Sea gas and oil mean that by the end of the decade, the UK will be a net energy importer for the first time since the Industrial Revolution.

10) The Scottish economy is likely to recession and return to weak growth by the spring.

11) The rise in London house prices has dramatically Londoners' salary increases.

12) The prime minister regards help for people on low incomes as the most efficient way to the economy.

13) Government faced a choice between taxes, boosting infrastructure spending and helping people on low incomes.

14) But more needs to be done to financial markets and support economic growth

15) The institution has asked the European Union's highest court to annul a decision by EU finance ministers to temporarily the rules.

16) Conservative party leader city parking tax.

17) Northern Irelands health trusts have made significant progress in their financial deficits.

G. Draw the table Britains economy over the last decades and complete it.

Britains economy over the last decades

Period of time Critical activities
over the past two decades  
since 1992  
in the late 2008  

H. Answer the following questions about the text.

1) How is Britains economy characterized in general? What is the statistic used to measure the economy? How do you understand the following one of the quintet of trillion dollar economies?

2) The first ingredient of a nation's economic system is its natural resources. What about the UK?

3) What is the UKs CB? Does the UK undertake an independent monetary policy? Is Britain a member of the euro zone?

4) What is the key sector of Britains economy? What does it cover? How much does it contribute to GDP? What industries decline? How do you understand the following a net importer of energy?


  2. A) Match the words on the left with the expressions on the right.
  3. A) Match the words to make word combinations
  4. A) Practise using the words and word combinations in bold type to make other comparisons between some two-four regions of Russia. Write your best sentences down.
  5. A) Read the words describing the qualities required for the legal profession and translate them into Russian. Use a dictionary.
  6. A) Scan the text and fill in the table below.
  7. A. Do you know these famous Britons? Do these puzzles and read three more noted Britons.
  8. A. Make up short dialogues expressing your opinion, agreeing or disagreeing. Use the prompts given below.
  9. A. Sarah and Ken are having an argument. Read what Sarah says and complete the dialogue with Kens answers from the box below. Then try to guess his last answer.
  10. A. The adjectives below can be used to describe inventions or new ideas. Which have a positive meaning? Which have a negative meaning?
  11. A. What do you know about Tatarstan? Do the quiz and say which of the data were surprising for you?
  12. A. What do you know about the economy of Canada? Complete this file, use vertical prompts if necessary.

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