Evaluate your composition according to the main principles of good writing: unity, coherence, and emphasis.


1. Listen to the text "Drama, Music and Ballet in Britain", mark the stresses and tunes. Repeat the text following the model.

2. Record the dialogue "At the Box-Office" in pairs. Listen to the records and discuss them in class.

3. Listen to the dialogue "Pantomimes", mark the stresses and tones. Repeat it following the model.

4. Write a spelling-translation test:

a) translate the phrases into English;

B) check them with the key.

Respond to the following questions or statements and correct them if necessary.

Listen to the story. Write ten questions about the text. Suggest a title for the text and give reasons for your choice. Find evidence in the text to support the following statements.


What do you know about K. S. Stanislavsky, his role in the history of the Moscow Art Theatre and bis influence on world theatre?

Where do the following quotations come from? Who says the lines? Under what circumstances?

a) The time is out of Joint Oh, cursed plight. That ever I was bom to set it right '

b) Beware, my lord, of the jealousy;

It is the green-eyed monster, that doth mock The meat it feeds on.

C) How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is To have a thankless child.

What do you know about the problem of Shakespeare's authorship?

What do you know about the Sovremennik Theatre? about the Lenkom Theatre? about the Tovstonogov Theatre in St Petersburg?

5. Listen to a text connectid with the topic "Theatre".



I. Pupil Language

This section contains a list of phrases that pupils might be expected to use during an English lesson.

Following the Lesson

I'm sorry, I didn't understand. You're speaking too quickly.

I didn't get that down. Could you say it again? Could you repeat the last bit?

I missed the beginning of what you said. Could you explain again, please?

Shall we do the exercise in our work books? Are we supposed to finish this off at home?

What do we have to do next? Could you write it up on the board, please?

Is it my turn? (Am I next? Shall I start?)

Correctness of Answers

Why can't you say ...? Is this a mistake? What's wrong with (saying)...?

Why did you mark this wrong? Why did you put a line under this word?

Isn't there a mistake in sentence 3? Shouldn't there be an article?

I think you've made a mistake on the board.


  1. Article 1 Definitions and Principles of Interpretation
  2. Article 1. Foundation Principles of Civil Legislation
  3. B) Read and act the extract according to the model.
  5. Concepts and Principles
  6. Decide if these sentences are true or false according to the text.
  7. Decide which option is correct according to the text.
  9. Design Principles Guide
  10. E. A host (H) and a guest (G) are sitting in the airport lounge after a successful business meeting. Role-play the dialogue according to the model given below.
  11. Exercise 2. Make transformations according to the model.

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