Which of the points are missing from your outline?


1. The opening salutation.

2. Statements of welcome.

3. Statements of special welcome.

4. Reference to the previous congress or conference and to the progress made in a particular science since then; statement of the gaps in the present knowledge of the respective subject.

5. Presentation of the main theme and aim of the congress or conference.

6. Information about the present meeting:

a) participation,

b) structure and organization.

7. Expected results and good wishes to the participants.


4. Read to the first paragraph of the text and study the sentence given below. Which of the phrases does the speaker use to welcome the audience?


a) Mr. Vice-President, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen!

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to

b) Mr. President, Distinguished Guests, Dear Colleagues! It is my

honor and my great pleasure to welcome you here for

c) Mr. Secretary-General, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues!

On behalf of the Organizing Committee I have the pleasure of

welcoming you to this conference.

d) Mr. President, Honored Guests, Gracious Hosts, Dear Colleagues!

It is an honor and privilege for me to have this opportunity to

welcome you to


5. Here are some other ways of expressing a special welcome.


a) Let me also offer our most sincere welcome to our colleagues from major American research institutions.

b) I would like to express our very warm welcome to Dr. A., Vice-President of the American Association of Scientists.

c) We are happy to have with us Dr. B. who has undertaken the task of giving a lecture at this conference.

d) We are delighted that Dr. C., President of Philadelphia Historical Society, was able to come to this conference.

e) I wish to add my special words of welcome to our foreign participants.


6. Look through the third paragraph of the text where the chairman makes reference to the previous congress and to the progress in science made since then. Which of the phrases given below does he use?


a) Five years have passed since our last meeting in .

b) Four years have passed since the last conference was held in .

c) It is six years since we met in .

d) Much progress has been made in the field of during the past few years.

e) The past few years have witnessed great progress in .

f) Four years have passed since our previous congress, which was

very successful.

g) In recent years scientists have succeeded in finding out/establishing/discovering .

h) In the past few years there has been great progress in the field of .

7. Look through to the same paragraph again. Which of the phrases below is used in the opening address to refer to the gaps in the present knowledge of the subject?


a) But although we know certain features of the process of much

further research has to be done to understand its nature.

b) There are still gaps in our knowledge of the phenomenon.

c) However, complete understanding of the process is still lacking.

d) These and other problems in the area call for much further

research effort.

e) However thoroughly the question may have been studied, we still

have to go a long way to understand the phenomena in full.


8. Look through the fourth paragraph of the Opening address. Note how the chairman speaks about the main theme and aim of the congress. Complete each phrase below referring to your particular field of research.


a) The range of the subjects to be discussed is very wide indeed. The

conference program includes .

b) It is our intention to discuss here various aspects of .

c) This conference will focus on some theoretical and practical

aspects of .

d) This conference will cover a very wide range of subjects: .

e) Our main goal in holding this meeting is to discuss the current

state of knowledge as well as the latest findings in .

f) The primary purpose of our meeting is to discuss .


9. Study some other ways of giving information about participation in and organization of a conference:


a) participation


The total number of participants in our conference is . We are pleased that so many people from all over the world have found their way to .


There are 300 participants from more than 25 countries. We are grateful to all who are contributing their scientific work to the conference.

The number of active participants in this conference is . Leading specialists from several countries have accepted our invitation to present their research findings.


a) organization


Along with plenary sessions there will be section meetings.


The program includes four parallel workshops in .


Each participant will be allowed 15 minutes for the formal presentation of the paper.


The time allowed (allotted, allocated) for each presentation is .

There will be ample time for discussion.



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  10. Complete the sentences by filling in the missing word.
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  12. Decide which option is correct according to the text.

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