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Major Results of Research

· Mathematical models and a set of computer programs for the calculation of steady-state and transient processes in electric power networks have been developed. They make it possible to simulate normal and emergency conditions and develop facilities to control electromagnetic disturbances.

· A theory of electrical breakdowns in gaseous and liquid dielectrics has been worked out.

· Methods of calculation and design of grounding systems of increased durability with extended natural and man-made steel components have been elaborated. A set of operation control procedures has been developed and efficient methods to modernise grounding conductors of operating electrical installations have been proposed.

· Methods of electromagnetic fields calculation of air and underwater cable high-voltage lines have been proposed, They make it possible to design underwater cables and plan crossings of power transmission lines with water obstacles with a minimum disturbance of the water environment.

· New theories and equipment for resistive grounding of the neutral of high- voltage power networks and for decreasing overvoltage by means of active resistors and oxide-zinc varistors have been developed.

· Procedures of analogue and digital information transmission via high-voltage power cables have been elaborated and their main performance characteristics have been calculated.

Based onthese investigations,changes and amendments to the Rules of electrical installation design and procedures of power system operation control have been made. Much effort has been directed towards introducing the developments of the school into power engineering practice.

Non-Conventional Structure Electric Machines

V. M. Kazansky O. N. Vesselovsky V. V. Zhulovyan

Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering,

Department of General Electrical Engineering,

Department of Electromechanics

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