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Dialogue No 2 (280 words)

Personnel Manager Jack Lytton is speaking to Karen Evans seeking the position of a Branch Manager.

INTERVIEWER: Good morning, Miss ... , could I have you name?

CANDIDATE: Miss Evans. '

INTERVIEWER: So, Miss Evans, I gather you'd like to join our company.

CANDIDATE: Yes, I would.

INTERVIEWER: I'm happy to hear this. Your CV seems pretty well. But, perhaps you could tell me a little bit more about yourself.

CANDIDATE: Oh yes, right. Well, I finished school at 18 and then worked for two years with Johnson & Johnson, you might know them, they're an engineering firm. After that I moved on to my present company, that's Gabriel Marketing. I've been with them for three years now, first working with the Marketing Director and now I'm with the Sales Director.

INTERVIEWER: Now, could you explain why do you want to leave your present employers?

CANDIDATE: Well, at the moment most of my duties is rather routine secretarial-type work and I would like to move to a job that gives me more opportunity. Doing a job of a Branch Manager I can use my initiative. Also traveling will let me use my language skills. I mean French and German.

INTERVIEWER: That's all very interesting, Miss Evans. I'd like to know, what is it specifically about our company, I mean Anglo-European Ltd., that attracted you?

CANDIDATE: Well, I know the reputation of Anglo-European and it is very good, it has branches in many countries. And I feel that I would have more scope and opportunity in your company and that the work will be more challenging for me. I hope I might be able to travel and use my languages.

INTERVIEWER: Very good, that might be very useful. Thank you very much for coming to see me and we'll be in touch with you before the end of the week.

CANDIDATE: Good. Well, thank you for seeing me.


CANDIDATE: Good-bye.



10* Complete the sentences using the expressions from the previous task.


1.I’ve e________ for several jobs without success.

2. My son has been ________ a job in Tokyo.

3. I've _______ a job at a hotel in the city centre.

4.__________ is a document giving details of your qualifi­cations and the jobs you have had in the past.

5. I've _______ n this job for five years now.

6. Dan ________ his job after an argument with his boss.

7. Many steel workers are worried that they'll _____________ their jobs.

8. He's attending a job ________ this morning.

9. There are not many job _______________ in this part of the country.

10. Workers questioned rated job ____________ as more important than high salary.


Listen to dialogue No 2 between two speakers and answer the questions below. Then listen again and check your answers.

1. Who are talking?

2. What company does the candidate want to join?

3. What position does the candidate apply for?

4. Why does the candidate want to leave her present job?

5. What opportunities attract the candidate in the new job?



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