Dialogue 1

CA Good morning, sir.

P Good morning.

CA May I see your boarding pass, please?

P Here it is.

CA - Your seat number is 12C. Please, down this aisle, it is on your right.

P Thank you.


Dialogue 2

CA Good morning, madam. Welcome on board.

P Morning.

CA Would you mind showing me your boarding pass?

P Here it is. Where is my seat?

CA Your seat number is shown in your boarding pass. It is 25G. Please, proceed to the next (second, third) cabin.

P Is it a window seat?

CA Yes. Madam. It will be on your left. Seat numbers are indicated on the overhead bins.

Dialogue 3

CA Good evening, sir. We are happy to see you on Transaero flight.

P Good evening. Is this flight to London?

CA Yes, sir. This is flight to London. Can I ask you to show me your boarding pass, please?

P Just a second. Here it is.

CA Your seat number is 3G. It is a window seat in the business class.

P Excellent. Thank you.

Dialogue 4

CA Good afternoon. Watch your head, please.

P Oh, thank you. Good afternoon.

CA May I ask you to show me your boarding pass?

P Here it is. May I take any vacant seat?

CA Please, take your seat according to your boarding pass. Your seat number is 17 B. You may take a vacant seat after all the passengers are on board. Please, proceed to the second cabin. Your seat is on the right.

P Thank you.

Dialogue 5

CA Good morning, madam. Welcome on board.

P Thanks.

CA Can I see your boarding pass, please?

P Yes, here you are.

CA 27 C. Go straight across to the other side and then turn right. You will see the seat numbers on the overhead bins. My colleague will show you where your seat is.

P Thank you.

CA Hello, madam. Welcome on board.Are you together? Turn right here, go straight down the cabin, past the toilets. You will findyour seats at the front of the next cabin, in the middle cabin. Hello, how are you today, sir? May I check your boarding pass?

Dialogue 6

CA Can I help you, madam? Seat number 15 D. Yes. Come this way. Yours is the aisle seat just here.

P An aisle seat? I specifically asked for a window seat.

CA Did you? I am sorry. You have been given an aisle seat. Did you request a window seat at check-in?

P Yes and I told her I cant fly if I cant have a seat by the window. She assured me I had a window seat.

CA I am really sorry about this. But do not worry. The flight is not fulltoday and I am sure I can find a window seat for you. Would you mind just taking this seat until I have checked the passenger list? It will only take a couple of minutes.

P Are you sure? I dont want to stay here for the flight.

CA Do not worry. I will be back in a moment with a better seat for you.


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