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Dialogue 8 – settling the passengers on their seats

P1 – Excuse me, there are four of us in the same family. My son and daughter are with me here, but my husband is in a seat three rows behind us. We need four seats together. Is it possible to change seats with someone near us?

CA – Yes, I understand. Everyone is boarding now, but I will check this out for you. Let me see what I can do. I will do my best.

P1 – Thanks. Please, try.

CA – Of course, I will come back as soon as I can… Excuse me, sir. Are you alone?

P2 – No, we’re together. This is my wife.

CA – Oh, yes, of course. Sorry to bother you. … Excuse me, madam, is this your seat?

P3 – Yes, why?

CA – Would you mind just changing it with the father of these children? The family wants to be together.

P3 – Well, that depends on the seat. Where is his seat?

CA – It is just three rows back and it is also an aisle seat.

P3 – Oh, that’s good, then – no problem. I want an aisle seat, too.

CA – Great, many thanks.


1.Match the given words with their meanings:

a)aisle 1) the seat that is next to the aisle
b)assist 2) the part of the plane where the captain and his co-pilots sit
c)Baggage, luggage 3) part of the ticket that you give to the crew as you step onto the plane
d)cockpit 4) the person who is in charge of the plane
e)cabin 5) help
f)captain 6) the long empty space that you walk down
g)aisle seat 7) the bags and suitcases that travellers put their belongings in
h)boarding pass 8) interior of the aircraft

2.Translate the sentences:

1) Please keep your bags out of the aisle so that nobody trips.

2) I’ll give you an aisle seat in case you need to walk around with the baby.

3) Please wait until everyone is off the plane so that we can assist you.

4) I’m afraid your baggage got on the wrong airplane.

5) You must present your boarding pass at the gate.

6) There is no smoking allowed inside the cabin.

7) As the aircraft captain I’m responsible for everybody on board.

8) From the cockpit an aircraft is controlled on the ground and in the air.



CA - Welcome on board. Your _________ pass, please.

P – Here it is.

CA – Thank you. You are in the _________ row. It is half-way down the aisle, on the right.


CA – Hello, good morning. Can I __________ your boarding passes?

P – Yes, of ________. If possible we would like to sit ___________.

CA – Ok. Please, take these _______ for now and I will try to _________ them for you when all the passengers have boarded the plane. The _________ is not full today.

P – Thanks a lot.


CA – Hello, sir. _________

P – Thanks. Sorry, I’m a little late.

CA – No problem. You’re in seat 3B. It is on the left at the ________ of the aircraft.

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