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Match two halves of the sentences.

1. Inflation can be defined as a. as they get an annual increase in wages.
2. One factor that can result in inflation is b. an increase in government taxes and fees.
3. When interest rates go up and the costs of borrowing increases c. a substantial and continuing overall increase in the general level of prices.
4. Most people are able to cope with the average inflation of 3% e. the cost of running a business increases and inflation can result.



3 (9). Listening. Listen and complete the chart with the correct prices for February and March. Mind some new words.

to go up (down) in price подняться (опуститься) в цене
a quart кварта (около 1.145литра)
an18-ounce container контейнер объемом 18 унций (1 унция = около 28.35 гр.)
a pound фунт (1 фунт = около 453 гр.)
a box коробка
a can жестяная банка


    Item   February   March   Inflation   April

Item   February   March   Inflation   April
  milk (1 liter)     $1.50      
  yogurt (500g)       0%  
  loaf of bread     $3.05    
    sugar (2 kilo)     $2.00      
    apples (1 kilo)       5%  


  teabags (100)   $2.20      
  coffee (500g)       -12%  


3.1 Now calculate the rate of inflation on each item as a percentage. Then make predictions about the cost of each item in the chart for the month of April.



4. Reading. Read the text and explain the words in bold.


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