Are these statements true or false?

1. Luxottica is a Chinese company. It is false. Luxottica is an Italian company.

2. It doesnt sell products only in Italy.

3. Luxottica manufactures most of its glasses in the USA.

4. The company also produces glasses for other companies.

5. They make more profit from manufacturing than retail.

6. Luxottica doesnt have any competitors.

7. The company wants to open shops in China.

8. Mr. Del Vecchios children work for the company.


Match the numbers 1-6 with the information they describe a-f.

1. 70 a. The number of shops that the company want in China
2. 5% b. The minimum price of Luxotticas glasses
3. 15% c. Mr. Del Vecchios age
4. £50 d. group sales from Ray-Ban
5. 500 e. Luxotticas manufacturing in its factories in Italy
6. 85% f. Luxotticas sales in Italy


7. Speaking. Think of three more luxury goods companies. What products do they make and sell? Are they family or multinational companies?

8. Word families. Complete the table.

verb noun (person) noun (thing)
manufacture manufacturer 1. manufacturing
2. producer product/production
3. salesperson/seller sale
4. retailer retail outlet
Make 5. no noun
Build builder 6.
Organize 7. organization
Compete 8. competition

Complete the sentences with the correct word in italics.

1. A multinational company is a large organizer / organization.

2. Department stores sell / sale a lot of different products/producers.

3. Swatch is a watch make / maker.

4. Our office is in the builder / building in New York.

5. A lot of people in this country work in manufacturing / manufacturer.

6. Many retails / retailers buy direct from the factory.

7. Who is your main competitor / competition in the computer market?


Complete the text with the correct word from the table above. There may be more than one possible answer.

Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M) is a big tractor 1. manufacturer in India. It 2.________ more than 68,000 tractors in its factories every year. Its main 3._________ is the company called TAFE, which produces 48,000 tractors. The companies 4._________ the tractors at home and also to the USA and Europe. M&M has 270 5._______ _______ in the USA. Now the company also plans to 6.________ factories in China.


11(6). Listening. Sam and Alex work for the training company. Listen to their telephone conversation and answer the questions.

1. How many people are on the course?

2. What company does John Jacobs work for?

3. What does the company produce?

4. What does Project Playa build?

5. What company does Sonja Berkovic work for?

6. How many employees does it have?



  1. A. Do you know these famous Britons? Do these puzzles and read three more noted Britons.
  2. A. Read the text and decide if the following statements are true or false.
  3. A. You will hear a manager interviewing a person for a job. Listen out for these verbs, and then use them to complete sentences 1-5.
  4. Agree or disagree with the following statements.
  5. Agree or disagree with the following statements. Give your arguments to support your viewpoint.
  6. Agree with the statements of your partner.
  7. Agree with the statements of your partner.
  8. Agree with the statements of your partner.
  9. Are the following sentences true or false? If false, say why.
  10. Are the following statements true or false? Correct the false sentences.
  11. Are the following statements true or false? If false, say why.
  12. Are the sentences true or false?

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