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The functions of cardinal numerals in a sentence.

Cardinal numerals are used in the function of subject, predicative, object, adverbial modifier and attribute (apposition).


...the young man opposite had long since disappeared. Now the other twogot

out. (Mansfield) (SUBJECT)

Earle Fox was only fifty-four, but he felt timeless and ancient. (Wilson)


And again she saw them, but not four, more like fortylaughing, sneering,

jeering... (Mansfield) (OBJECT)

At eightthe gang sounded for supper. (Mansfield) (ADVFRBIAL


Fourmen in their shirt-sleeves stood grouped together on the garden path. (

Mansfield) (ATTRIBUTE)

And he remembered the holidays they used to have the fourof them, with a

little girl, Rose, to look after the babies. (Mansfield) (APPOSITION)


Cardinals are sometimes used to denote the place of an object in a series. Cardinals are used in reading indications: line 23, page 275, Chapter X, No. 49, etc.


...but from the corner of the street until she came to No.26 she thought of

those four flights of stairs. (Mansfield)


Class nouns modified by anumeral in post-position are used without articles.


All he wanted was to be made to care again, but each night he took up his

briefcase and walked home to dinner at 117th Street and Riverside Drive,

apartment 12D.(Wilson)

Ordinal numerals.

Ordinal numerals show the order of persons and things in aseries.

With the exception of the first three (first, second, third) the ordinal numerals are formed from cardinal numerals by means of the suffix ‑th.

In ordinal groups only the last member of the group takes the ordinal form: (the) sixty-fifth, (the) twenty-third. Ordinal numerals are generally used with the definite article (the first, the fifth, the tenth, etc.). Ordinal numerals may be used with the indefinite article when they do not show a definite order of persons and things in a series:


“I’ve torn simply miles and miles of the frill,” wailed a third.(Mansfield)

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THE NUMERAL | The functions of ordinal numerals in a sentence.

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