Data Buses and ALU Register/Register Functions

Combining the Elements to Make a Complete ALU

By the various sections connection of the ALU together to produce a final single cycle ALU; an ALU that executes one instruction each time the clock ticks.

Note that up to now, we have NOT considered any of the Control elements of the ALU; that is, the circuits that interpret the instructions and direct the ALU as to (1) which operation to execute, and (2) what operands or variables to process.


Fig.3.11 Data buses

Load/Store Functions (Read or Write)

Fig.3.11 Read or Write Functions


  1. Communicative functions.
  2. Exercise 1. Translate the following sentences paying attention to Participle Constructions in different syntactic functions.
  3. The Article. Stylistic functions of English articles
  4. The pronoun. Stylistic functions of pronoun

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