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Indirect offers, suggestions, and advice.

When converting offers and suggestions into indirect speech, we use the verbs to offer and to suggest. There is a difference between these two verbs, though both are rendered in Russian by ‘предложить’: the person who makes an offer intends to do the action himself, and the action is an act of kindness. A suggestion may also be an act of kindness, but not necessarily; the person who makes a suggestion may or may not intend to do the action himself.


He said to her, “Shall I fetch you a glass of water?” She said, “Do, please.” (“No, don’t trouble.”) He offered to fetch her a glass of water and she accepted the offer (declined the offer).
He said to her, “Suppose we go there together?” She said, “Very well.” (“No, I would rather you went alone.”) He suggested that they should go there together and she consented (refused).


N o t e. — If the verb to suggest is followed by a subordinate clause. The

predicate of the subordinate clause is expressed by a verb in the analytical

form of the Subjunctive Mood with the auxiliary should.


Sentences expressing advice are converted into indirect speech by means of the verb to advise.


He said to them, “You had better take a taxi, you may be late.” He advised them to take a taxi, as otherwise they might be late.


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