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Complete the sentences with the correct word in brackets.

Complete the sentences with the correct word in brackets.

Complete the sentences with the correct word in brackets.

1. Itis a question of... . (principle, principal)

2. I... what the time is. (wonder, wander)

3. Open the window. I can't.... (breathe, breath)

4. We'd like ... bills, please, (separate, separate)

5. When were you .'..? (borne, born)

1. The greatest problems are poverty and .... (disease, decease)

2. Wipe up the mess with this .... (cloth, clothe)

3. What would you ... ? (advise, advice)

4. I'm going upstairs to ... . (bed, sleep)

5. Don't be so ...! (foolish, fool)

1. A beautiful (angle/angel) adorned their Christmas tree.

2. I have (your/you're) notes here, but I cannot find mine.

3. (Who's/Whose) supposed to supply the refreshments for tonight's meeting?

4. It is a (costume/custom) in the United States to eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

5. (Weather/Whether) we drive or fly depends on the length of our vacation.

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