Rendering of Names of Months, Seasons and Days of the Week

Rendering of Geographical Names in Translation

Rendering of Proper Names in Translation

The function of proper name is purely nominative. They help to distinguish a person, a pet or a place, to recognize them as unique. Thus they have only nominal meaning and are designated by a capital letter.

There are two ways of rendering proper names in translation: transcription and translation.

Transcription is now universally accepted: Mary . Phonetic peculiarities, however, sometimes interfere and modify this principle by causing certain departures, e.g. the name of the well-known novelist Iris Murdoch is rendered with the inserted letter (and sound) p .

Translation or representing a SL word by means of the more or less corresponding TL characters, that is, in a graphic way, is no longer regarded as an acceptable method of rendering proper names in translation. But tradition has preserved it in some cases and therefore this method still survives, e.g. Lincoln is rendered as ˳ and Wellington as . OHenry Β.

Traditionally, names of prominent people are rendered by their Ukrainian counterparts: Isaak Newton , Abraham Lincoln ˳, King James . All these factors explain the existence of double forms of proper names.

A problem by itself is presented by the translation of the so-called token names which reveal some typical features of the character named. Sometimes attempts are made to translate them, in this way following the writers intent, e.g. Humpty-Dumpty , - Slap-Dash, etc. unfortunately this tendency inevitably conflicts with the principle of preserving the national character of the origin. So Mr Surface in Sheridans School for Scandal would hardly be recognizable as an English dandy if he were called .


Geographical names are an integral part of the Ukrainian language, so tradition is very strong in this group of words. They are usually rendered according to the usage of earlier days, e.g. England , Scotland , Ireland .

Some geographical names have their translation equivalents in Ukrainian: Cape of Good Hope 䳿, Easter Island , etc. usually geographical names of this type are token names, as they are named after the name of the holiday on which they were discovered.


The names of the seasons, months and days of the week come very close to proper names. They are rendered by their Ukrainiancounterparts: spring , Monday , Varch , etc.



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