Rendering of Names of Institutions and Organizations

Rendering of the Names of Periodicals

Rendering of Names of Sports and Games

Rendering of Names of Hotels

Rendering the Names of Streets

Rendering of Scientific and Technical Terms

Rendering of Numerals

This group of words comes very clise to terms. Their Ukrainiancounterparts are naturally used in translation: ten , hundred , thousand .


Terms are generally associated with a definite branch of science or technology. They tend to be monosemantic in the given branch of science or technology and therefore easily call forth the required concept. They are translated by corresponding Ukrainian terms: calorie , equator , polysemantic , etc. but it should be borne in mind, that one and the same term may have different meanings in different branches of science and technology, e.g.: line 1) , ; 2) , etc. thus a term may sometimes be polysemantic, e.g.: power (phys.) , , ; power (math.) .

There is a special group of words of terminological nature: names of animals, birds, plants, natural elements, e.g.: tiger ; cat ; swallow ; lily-of-the-valley ; drought ; rain ; lightning , etc.

The names of the rare or little known animals or plants are as a rule monosemantic and have full equivalents: coyote ; armadillo ; porcupine ; baobab .


The names of streets are transcribed: Bayswater Road .

The names of streets in historical novels which sometimes happen to be token names are translated, e.g. the Economist publishing office is in Threadneedle street but tailors lived in Threadneedle street .


Names of hotels are usually transcribed, e.g. Hotel Carlton . Names of old inns are as a rule translated, e.g.: The Red Lion .


These are also usually transcribed, e.g.: football , hockey .


The Times . It should be noted that for pragmatic reasons such words as , , are added respectively. The United States News and World Report г.


These classes of proper names are usually transcribed, e.g.: General Motors , British Airways .

But certainly there are exceptions to this rule: The Common Market ; The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (). These are accepted translated equivalents.



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