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On the Round Table Discussion Organizing


What does a Round Table conference mean? What is it for?

It means that several professionals take part in the discussion, expressing their views on the reasons, essence and consequences on some event or a problem. The purpose of holding such conferences is to clear up the scientific or international approach to such problems.

What is to be done?

1. Choose the topic for your report at the Round Table conference.

2. Choose the discussion leader who will combine the functions of the chairperson and the presenter.

3. Your report should have three main sections: introduction, main body and conclusion.

4. It should take 3 – 5 minutes.

5. If you are eager to add any other information to your friends’ presentation – go ahead!

6. While speaking on your topic, try to use the link words and phrases, or sometimes they are called “discourse markers”, which will show how the ideas in your reporting interrelate. Besides they will make your presentation more understandable, colourful and attracting everybody’s attention.


Words and phrases, useful to make your report at the Round Table conference

a) A presentation should begin with a clear statement of the topic:

- My presentation deals with the topic of …

- I would like to explain … in my presentation

-the aim of this report is to …

- the presentation is intended to …

- let’s start with …

b) establishing a sequence:

- as a next step;

- finally;

- first of all.

c) contrasting:

- however;

- alternatively.

d) referring to the past:

- traditionally;

- historically;

- initially.

e) drawing a conclusion:

- as a consequence;

- thus;

- accordingly;

- consequently.

f) emphasizing:

- in fact;

- in particular;

- clearly.

h) summarizing:

- in short;

- summarizing;

- in other words;

- briefly.

i) your point of view:

-from my point of view;

- however, in my opinion.

j) to take part in the discussion of the problem:

- I’m not sure I follow you.

- Did you say that?

- Sorry, I’m not sure I understand.

- as far as I can see, the main issue is …

- allow me to explain …

- it means that …

- so, in other words, …

- to put it in another way, …

-let me add that …

- yes, but that’s only one side of the problem;

- sorry, could I please just finish my point?

- going back to what I was saying, …

- would you mind clarifying …


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