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Переведите на русский язык следующие предложения.


1. Having been collected from different areas, the facts reflected the situation all over the country.

2. Being founded as a union of 13 colonies, the United States claimed to become independent from the British Crown.

3. Having been based on the US Constitution, the Constitutional law serves as the supreme federal law.

4. Having been inspired by the Soviet model, many countries followed it after World War II.

5. Being affected by the basic principles of Civil law, the provisions of Socialist law are familiar to Western lawyers.

6. Being influenced by different systems of law, these countries were united in the group of so called ‘mixed’ legal systems.


Раскройте скобки, употребив нужную форму причастия.

1. In the past, legal systems (to be grouped) by geography, history culture, race, language, religion or official ideology were classified in different ways.

2. (To be derived) mainly from the Roman collection of laws and legal interpretations the Civil law appeared during the reign of Justinian I.

3. (To be based) on the Koran, Muslim law is considered to be an autonomous legal system.

4. (To be marked) by relatively small population with a high standard of living North European countries have adopted much uniform legislation especially in the fields of commerce and family law.

5. (To be collected) in the legislative form about 400 years ago, the original Germanic public and private law became the basis of the modern legal system of Finland, Norway, Sweden and some countries of Nordic Europe law system.

6. (To write) in very bad handwriting, the complaint was difficult to read.

7. (To spent) many years abroad while working with common law in England, he would find it difficult to work in Germany.

8. (To wait) in the hall, he thought over the problem he was going to discuss in the court room.

9. (To phone) the agency, he continued working on the contract.

10. (To show) the exhibition of the newly published books on law he was invited to the conference hall.

11. (To hear) the steps of the coming jury he raised his head.

12. (To follow) the colonization, such laws, (to be written down) and (to incorporate) into the legal systems, were (to impose) by the colonial powers.

13. (To be unwritten) common attributes of customary legal systems are seldom organized into a set of rules.

14. Usually customary laws (to be agreed) upon by members of the community.




What Legal System does Russia Belong to?

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