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Match up the following words and definitions.

1 1.consultant 2 2.crisis 3 3.innovation 4 4.objective (noun) 5 5.promotion 6 6.public sector 7 7.strategy 8 8.subordinate 9 9.integrating 10 10.attain 11 11.staff 12 12.customer 13 13.supply 14 14.distribute A a plan for achieving success В a new idea or method С a person with a less important position in an organization D a person who provides expert advice to a company E a situation of danger or difficulty something you plan to do or achieve G the section of the economy under government control H when someone is raised to a higher or more important position motivating and communicating   to achieve or accomplish (a task, goal, aim, etc)   a group of people employed by a company,   a person who uses goods or services to make available for use; to supply (goods) to retailers


2 The text contains a number of common verb-noun combinations. Use the word combinations in the box to complete the sentences below.


allocate resources deal with crises make decisions perform tasks measure performance set objectives supervise subordinates

1 After an organization has _________ _________, it has to make sure that it achieves them.

2 Managers have to find the best way to ___________ all the human, physical and capital _________ available to them.

3 Some people __________ ________ better on their own while others work better in teams.

4 Managers __________ the work of their _________ and try to

develop their abilities.

5 Managers ___________ the _______ of their staff to see whether they are reaching their targets.

6 Top managers have to be prepared to _____ ______ ________

if they occur and then have to _________ quick _________.


Summarizing the information from the text, complete the following sentences

1. Setting objectives involves _____________.

2. Organizing function includes ______________.

3. Communicating objectives to the people, managers ___________.

4. Measuring the performance of the staff means ____________.

5. Developing people, managers develop _____________.

6. Excellent managers are quite rare because ______________.


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