III. a) Make up a list of geographical names used in the text (mind the articles) and transcribe them.

b) Transcribe and translate the following words:

advantage, canal, channel, comparatively, desolate, determine, estuary, extremely, glorious, heather, indentation, manufacture, moor, navigable, occasionally, plough, scenery, strait, total, vague, value, vary, wander, wheat, wind.


) Translate the following verbs into English. Give their four forms:


  1. Arrange the following units into two lexical and two terminological sets. I Give them corresponding names.
  2. B) Skim the text and divide it into the logical parts. Entitle them.
  3. C. Match the names with the maps.
  4. Ex.2 Insert the names of the following types of financial institutions in the spaces in the text.
  5. Find other noun combinations and translate them. Give examples of your own.
  6. Find Participle I and Participle II in the text. Translate sentences with them.
  7. Geographical Expansion of the English Language from the 17th to 19th c. English Outside Great Britain
  8. Geographical location
  9. Geographical location.
  10. Geographical position and natural resources of USA.
  11. Geographical Position of Great Britain
  12. Geographical Position of Great Britain

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Memory Work | IX. Study Vocabulary Notes and translate the illustrative examples into Russian.

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