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III. Vocabulary: Employment

A. Read the texts and guess what jobs are described.

1. I only work part-time - four mornings a week, and I sometimes do overtime on a Saturday morning. I don't earn a big salary. It's a temporary job and I only have a six-month contract at the moment. But the working hourssuit me as I have very young children. When they go to school I would like to find a permanent job and work full-time. What I like most about my job is working in complete silence! The only noise you can hear is of people turning pages and whispering.


2. I did a six-month training course at Technical College to get my qualifications and then I worked for a local company to get some experience. I worked long hours for a low salary and so I resignedlast year and became self-employed. I prefer working for myself. I don’t work regular hours (sometimes people call me in the middle of the night) but you can earn a lot of money in this job, especially in the winter. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to retire when I’m 60.


B. Match the words in bold to their definitions:

1. a written legal agreement

2. the knowledge you get from doing a job

3. a series of lessons to learn to do a job

4. the time you spend doing a job

5. working for yourself, not for a company

6. to stop working when you reach a certain age, e.g. 65

7. left a job because you wanted to

8. lasting for a short time (opposite _____________)

9. for only a part of the day or the week opposite _____________)

10.exams you've passed or courses you've done


C. Complete the Prepositions column.

1. He works ________ a multinational company.

2. I work ______ a manager.

3. I’m ___ charge ____ the marketing department.

4. She works ______ a factory.

5. I’m responsible ____ customer loans.

6. I’m _____ school / university.

7. They’re _____ their third year.


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