At NSTU, M.S. programs are research-oriented. While studying in this program I've acquired research skills to analyse, collect, and process information, and generate new ideas and original methods. Research is creative work. I think I'll continue doing this research in the Ph.D. (Cand.Sc.) program after completing the M.S. course.

Write a similar essay on the topic according to the plan given below.


1. Introduction (containing information about the field you want to investigate into, the reasons why you have chosen this very field, its significance and actuality)

2. Main part. This should contain the following information:

1. Historical background of your field of research. Contributions made by foreign and Russian schools of thought.

2. State-of-the-art (present day) of you field of research.

3. Contribution made by researchers of your department. Research projects you department participates in.

4. Your research (with the emphasis on your masters thesis or Cand. Sc. dissertation as well as participation in conferences and publications in learned journals in English and reading scientific literature in English)

3. Conclusions (These should summarize the information presented and set goals for further research)


Give a talk about your research work.


Helpful vocabulary


do research; explore in depth; carry out an investigation; the history of the field dates back to; state-of-the-art; research effort; participate in a project; to be a part of a project; research team; teamwork; the project has been supported in part by a grant from; under the grant from; principal investigator ( ); present the
thesis / dissertation for defense.



Appendix 1




  6. General Conclusions
  8. The composition exercises ask you to manipulate data. They also expect you to make inferences in order to come to conclusions about the data.

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