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Major Results of Research

· Theoretical grounds for the development and design of high-performance semiconductor converters of electric power have been elaborated.

· A wide range of power electronic circuits for controlled electric drives electrical technologies and supply systems have been studied. Optimal parameters and applications of these circuits have been found and control algorithms have been developed.

· Principles of design of thyristor converter control systems that provide their maximum speed and operation in the current source mode have been proposed and investigated.

· A new class of converter devices, namely voltage source inverters operating as rectifiers, that provides a holistic approach to power converter circuit engineering has been proposed.

· A new direction in the theory and methods of analysis and synthesis of semiconductor converters has been developed. They are based on direct energy process calculation methods

· A set of integral parameters characterising the quality of power interchange processes and revealing their more intricate structure has been proposed.

· A concept of power process analysis in non-linear electric circuits based on geometric analogues has been proposed.

Based on the results of these investigations the following has been done:

· a range of complete thyristor frequency-controlled electric drives with a power of up to 500 kW has been designed. They are based on thyristor converters having self- and forced switching;

· variable speed electric drives with induction motors and thyristor converters with forced switching have been designed;

· the first in the Russia voltage inverter with a sinusoidal width-pulse modulation has been designed for devices of special application;

· the first in the world line of systems for generating electric power based on electromagnetic generators and thyristor converters has been developed for special- purpose aircraft and wind-driven plants;

· the first in the country universal mathematical model for the analysis and calculation of electromagnetic processes in electromechanical systems with semiconductor power converters «PARUS» has been developed.

Increasing Ecological Compatibility, Effectiveness

And Operational Reliability of Power System Units

Department of High-Voltage Engineering

and Electophysics Educational and Research Laboratory

of Electrotechnical Materials Science

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