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For complete ______ select one of the best diving suits.

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Задание 1.

I’m always _______ by my attempt of speaking Greek.

disappointedly disappoint disappointed disappointment

Задание N 2

That isn’t my key. _____ is here.

Myself Mine Me My

Задание N 3

The smaller is the house, the _____ it will cost us to heat.

more less little less the least

Задание N 4

Mark Twain said: “When in doubt tell _____ truth”.

the a – an

Задание N 5

I’ve bought two tickets _____ a football match.

for in from –

Задание N 6

Our planet is in grave danger _____ human activity.

because of for but or

Задание N 7

I went by train and _____ at the station by my aunt.

meets meet was met is met

Задание N 8

I am thinking of _____ Ann to a nursery school.

having sent sending to have sent to send

Задание N 9

I asked the receptionist to put me _____ to the manager.

away with – through

Задание N 10

Brothers and sisters _____ to take care of each other.

ought can are able to must

Задание N 11

Any _____ is usually composed of the following basic sections: summary, introduction, discussion, conclusion and recommendations.

method seminar report lecture

Задание N 12

My phone number is 8-366-68-98 and _____ is 455.

conjunction intention extension distinction

Задание N 13

The expected _____ of unemployment this year is higher than the previous one.

rate skills relations experience

Задание N 14

_____ is the act of working together for a shared purpose.

Co-operation Relation Activity Communication

Задание N 15

In a few minutes _____ was on his way home.

his him himself he

Задание N 16

He had to take off as ______as possible.

soon soonest sooner more soon

Задание N 17

It’s rather dark in here. Could you switch on _____ light?

the a – an

Задание N 18

_____ the morning we went to the museum.

In On At –

Задание N 19

It was such a boring film _____ I fell asleep in the middle of it.

for that as if though

Задание N 20

Alice said that her parents _____ back in a week.

have come comes will come would come

Задание N 21

We saw several people _____ in the lake.

being swum to be swum swimming to be swimming

Задание N 22

I’m sure they will be very interested _____ our suggestion.

with in for at

Задание N 23

You _____ not ring the bell. I’ve got the key.

ought to need could can

Задание N 24

PhD _____ has no special references to philosophy.

science principle degree paper

Задание N 25

Did you make your _____ by phone or by fax?

impression transition reservation institution

Задание N 26

The _____ extends both verbal and non-verbal communication.

body language eye contact facial expressions language barrier

Задание N 27

For complete ______ select one of the best diving suits.

relaxant relax relaxative relaxation


Задание N 28.
_____ is a particular system of art, thoughts, customs of a society.

Tradition Culture Communication Law

ЗаданиеN 29.
Nine of ten graduates have already found _____.

Business activity employment bonus

Задание N 30.
Let’s stop at this restaurant for a quick _____.

Menu walk smile meal

Задание N 31.
Her current interest was _____ and development, but she has changed fields.

Reputation resistance research residence

Задание N 32.
A shorter, more _____ meeting that still leaves time for work afterwards.

Productive production productivity productiveness

Задание N 33.
The oldest living tree in the world grows in _____ California.

The a an _–_

Задание N 34.
It was a good idea of _____ to go swimming this afternoon.

Yourself your you yours

Задание N 35.
The Pyramids were built _____ people who lived a long time ago.

After with by of

Задание N 36.
The grass there was _____ than on the upper field.

Long much longer more long the longest

Задание N 37.
Your face seems familiar to me. We _____ have met somewhere

Ought must need should

Задание N 38.
Do you want a sandwich? - No, thanks. I _____ just _____ lunch

am _____ having have _____ had was _____ having had _____ had

Задание N 39.
Paul insisted _____ visiting his parents.

To on – of

Задание N 40.
Begin with a minute _____ two of small talk.

Or if and but

Задание N 41.
_____ of her arrival, I went to see her.

Telling Told Being told To tell

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