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Comparative ad superlative adjectives

  Adjective Comparative Superlative
One-syllable adjectives old safe big hot older safer bigger* hotter* the oldest the safest the biggest* the hottest*
Adjectives ending in -y noisy dirty noisier dirtier the noisiest the dirtiest
Two or more syllable adjectives boring beautiful more boring more beautiful themost boring the most beautiful
Irregular adjective good bad far better worse further thebest the worst the furthest

*Adjectives which and in one vowel and one consonant double the consonant.

You’re older than me.

New York is dirtier than Paris.

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

5.2 have got and have

Have got means the same as have to talk about possession, but the form is very different. We often use have got in spoken English.

Have got

Positive Negative

I You We They have got a cat a garden   I You We They haven’t got a dog a garage
He She It has   He She It hasn’t


Have I You we they got any money? a sister? How money children have they got? Short answers Yes, I have. /No, I haven’t Yes, she has/No, she hasn’t The past of both have and have got is had.
Has he she it


Positive Negative

I You We They have a cat. a garden   I You We They don’t have a dog a garage
He She It has He She It doesn’t


Do I you we they got any money? a sister? How many children do they have? Short answers Yes, I do/ No, I don’t Yes, she does/ No, she doesn’t  
Does he she it


The country is quieter than the city.

The house is 50 meters from the sea.

Everest is the highest mountainin the world.

He spends his time on the banks of the river.

He drove along the road.

He drove round the corner.

They run over the bridge.

I walked past the pub.

He walked up the hill.

He ran down the hill.

The cat ran through the house.

He jumped into the lake.


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