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Match the following adjectives with their opposites.


1) boring 2) hard-working 3) stupid 4) idealistic 5) active 6) generous 7) punctual 8) offensive 9) ambitious 10) obstinate 11) brave 12) kind-hearted a) greedy b) agreeable c) indifferent d) cowardly e) ill-natured f) clever/smart/intelligent g) docile h) exciting i) passive j) lazy k) pragmatic l) careless/unreliable

Complete the sentences with one of the adjectives below.

a. Sammy always thinks that everything will go wrong with him, he is very… .

b. Betty finds it hard to make friends because she is… .

c. … people feel good about themselves & aren’t afraid to speak to others.

d. Tim felt very … when he saw his girlfriend speaking to another boy.

e. I was … when I told a joke in front of the whole class & nobody laughed.

f. A person who changes quickly from being happy to being unhappy for no reason is… .

g. People who live in small communities can be a bit… & afraid to accept new ideas.

h. If you don’t stop being … you won’t get your ice-cream!

i. He is rather … & never stops telling you how wonderful he is.

j. I wish you were not so … . Why can’t you pay for the coffee for once?

k. Going out in the rain without a jacket was a … thing to do.

l. They are very … . They let us stay in their house & then lent us a car.

m. Why be so… ? Everybody feels proud of you.

n. If you are … you don’t show that you are afraid of some danger.

o. You have little experience; you believe all people are kind & honest when they aren’t.

p. Your actions are often influenced by others.

q. Jack was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

(easily led, boastful, jealous, hospitable, stingy, confident, shy, courageous, modest, embarrassed, narrow-minded, pessimistic, naive, naughty, stupid, moody, happy)

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Divide the words given in the box below into those which usually refer to men only, women only or people of both sexes. | How many adjectives can you remember for describing people's looks? Try this quiz to test your vocabulary. Match the word on the left with the same meaning on the right.

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