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How to be a better friend

a. Be realistic b. Set some standards c. Be yourself d. Enjoy it e. Don’t demand too much f. Be a good listener


1. _____. Instead of giving endless advice learn to listen more. Listening is an underestimated skill, and it is easy to forget when you are worrying about other people`s problems. How many times do we say, “Oh yeah, that happened to me and …” before we give the other person a chance to explain what happened to him. Sometimes a friend may just want to talk something over with someone else to sort things out in his own mind – so listen hard to what he is saying, and try to offer advice only when you think he is asking for it.

2. _____. We often feel we have been let down by a friend at some point in our life. Perhaps they let out a secret we trusted them to keep under wraps, or suddenly sided with the opposition during an argument. Nobody is perfect, so try to have realistic expectations. Friendships don’t develop over night; they deepen over time as you begin to trust one another. Don’t place unrealistic demands on your friendship.

3. _____. Everyone wants to be liked, and trying too hard to be popular. Stop worrying whether people like you or not, just get on with the business of being you. There can be a great temptation to make people like us by changing our personality to suit others. However, this can make you extremely unhappy in the long run. Of course, not everyone is going to think you are great, but the chances are the ones who don’t like the way you are, aren’t going to make particularly good friends anyway.

4. _____. Friendships are based on trust, and if that`s betrayed, the whole relationship breaks down. If you want people to be trustworthy and honest with you then you are going to offer the same standards in return.

5. _____. Many friendships break down simply because one person demands too much of the offer. Asking a friend for support and advice is one thing, but expecting them to organize your life for you, or get you out of every sticky situation you find yourself in, is another. Asking a friend to lie for you all the time or talking about things they don’t want to discuss only does damage in the long run.

6. _____. What more can we possibly say? Friendships are to be enjoyed – so make the most of them!


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About My Friend | Answer the following questions about yourself, your friends and your ideas about friendship.

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