Guided letter writing practice

Exercise 1.Decide in what order you expect the following categories to occur in a CV. Then read the CV below to check.


work experience  references  personal details  qualifications voluntary roles / positions of responsibility general / additional skills


Robert Khan    
Date of birth Nationality Current Address (until 30 June)   Permanent address 29 April 1985 British 27 Keats Road, London SE4 3KL Tel: 020 80888965   247 Newmarket Road, Norwich NR4 1ET Tel: 01603 4431 43  
2004-2007   2001-2003     1997-2001     WORK HISTORY BA in Business Studies at Chelsea School of Business Norwich School: 3 "A" levels: Economics (A), Maths (B), History (C) Norwich School: 10 GCSEs, including Maths and English  
Jan-June 2006     July-Sept 2005   2003-2004   Work placement, Atherton Consultants I played an integral part in a team of consultants working on IS projects. This position required familiarity with networking solutions and Web design and involved liaising with a clients parent company in Germany. Vacation Trainee, Jardine, White & Partners I coordinated an office reorganization project. Sales Assistant, Kaufhaus des Westens, Berlin I was responsible for managing the outdoor exhibition of camping equipment. I ran a language training programme for members of the department.  
2005-2006     2005 to present     OTHER President of CSB Students Union I represented over 400 members in faculty meetings and organized and chaired conferences with visiting speakers. Captain of CSB Squash Team I run training sessions and am responsible for organizing matches and motivating the team.    
  Fluent German Advanced computer literacy: Office software, networking and Web design 3rd trombone in the London Students Jazz Orchestra Clean driving licence  
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Exercise 2.Read the CV again. How has Robert formulated the following information in more appropriate language?

1. I sometimes phoned people in Germany.

2. Im good with computers.

3. I was the contact for the removal company to new offices.

4. I gave some colleagues some English lessons.

5. I spoke on behalf of 400 students in meetings with teachers.

6. I was the general assistant to the computer consultants.

7. I sold tents.

8. I had to learn how to set up a LAN (Local Area Network).

9. Im the only member of the team who believes we can win.

10. My job was to introduce the speakers and thank them at the end.


Exercise 3.Using the headings in Robert Khans CV as a model, decide where to put each piece of information below. Then write the CV, presenting the information appropriately and using relevant language and expressions.

● Voluntary work since 2005 OUTLOOK, charity for disabled children parties, visits, etc.

● Play violin in string quartet.

● University basketball team my job to bring drinks

● 2002-2004 Northern High School "A" level: Maths (A), Economics (B), French (B)

● Secretary, Newcastle Junior Chamber of Commerce in 2006 - minutes of meetings, monthly newsletter, etc. Sometimes phoned VIPs to invite to receptions, etc.

● June-Sept 2004 Holiday job, Newcastle Social Security, entered personnel data into new HR management software. Confidential, very boring. Visitor from Spanish government, three days.

● References tutor, Mr Bowers, Newcastle University, Mrs Broadbent, Principal, Northern High School.

● Typing speed 90 wpm.

● Justine Dominga Collier

● 14 Green Street, Newcastle NE13 8BH Tel: 01879 122 7769

● Oct 2004 - March 2005 Internship Arbol Oil: finance department, small jobs, learned accounts software, email from S America

● Bilingual Spanish

● 4/11/86, Auckland NZ

● 2004-2007 BA Economics, Newcastle University




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  8. B) Comment on the letter above. Point out in what it differs from Judy's earlier letters (see the text). Explain the last line of this letter. Is Judy quite serious here?
  9. B) Read the conversation making sure you stress all the syllables printed in block letters.
  10. B. Practice the following conversation with a partner using the substitutions in the box.
  11. B. Underline every adjective in this letter. Then draw an arrow to the noun it is describing.

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