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Complete these sentences with the present/past perfect passive form of the verbs in brackets.

1. In recent years, most mobile phones (equip) ________with Bluetooth. 2. Recently several devices to store the maximum amount of information (develop) _____ in many organizations. 3. Devices (use) ______ to aid computation for thousands of years. 4. Cloud computing is the latest technology that (implement) ______ in IT industry. 5. The direct conversation with the company will make you alert that whether the system (damage) ______ because the initial faults or was it the fault of the IT Company itself. 6. After the study (do) ______, we drew a diagram. 7. The Playbook tablet (receive) _______well. 8. After he (not admit) ______ to the CNU, he tried to enter another university. 9. CSS (release) ______ in different versions with CSS3 being the latest one in its series. 10. I reported to the police that my tablet (steal)_____.


22. Complete these sentences with the future simple passive form or a modal verb+passive form of the verbs in brackets.

1. In the near future, the Internet (access) _______ more frequently from mobile phones than from desktop computers. 2. Networks can (connect) ________via satellite. 3. The specifications and options about the products ought to (understand) _____. 4. The data can (not access) ______by the multiple users. 5. According to ComScore, based on data from Morgan Stanley research, desktop users (surpass) ______ by mobile users in the nearest future. 6. Data has to (store and maintain) ______ securely for future reference. 7. Scottish mathematician and physicist John Napier noted multiplication and division of numbers could (perform) ______ by addition and subtraction, respectively, of logarithms of those numbers. 8. To run all these activities smoothly an active management should (involve) ______. 9. The photos of the new device (take) _____ for the student’s newspaper, as soon as the young scientist finishes his project. 10. If you install this app, your systems (not monitor) _____ from a remote place.


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Grammar revision: Passive voice (consult Appendix 1) | Rewrite these sentences using the passive.

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