Look at this form of a music collection. Label the data types with words from B opposite.


Setting up a DBMS.

Setting up (Data Base Management System)

1. Read and memorize the following words:

Field ; current ;

Entry , ; to expand ;

Turning ; to shorten ;

Subject ; to accompany ;

Record ; to eliminate ;

Title ; duplicate , ;

Movie ; related - ;

Character , , .


2. Name the word building elements (suffixes, prefixes) and parts of speech the refer to. Translate them into Ukrainian.

To combine combination combined;

To manage manager management;

To computerize computerization computerized non computerized;

Possible impossible possibility impossibility;

To charge discharge chargeable;

To relate relation related relationship;

Identification to Identify;

To count countable uncountable;

Character to character characteristically characteristic;

To describe description describing.


3.State which of the given words are the terms (jargon). Make up possible word-combinations or sentences with them:

Title, subject, access, microcomputer, category, jargon, catalogue, movie, record, field, memory, game, storage, device, terminology, documentation, program, work.



  2. Analyze the meanings of the italicized words. Identify the result of the changes of the connotational aspect of lexical meaning in the given words.
  3. Archaic, obsolete and historic words
  4. Classification of phraseological units and their structural types.
  5. Combine the following words into sentences.
  6. Compare the meanings of the given words. Define what semantic features are shared by all the members of the group and what semantic properties distinguish them from each other.
  7. Divergences in the semantic structure of words
  8. Free Word-Groups Versus Phraseological Units Versus Words
  9. Identify the period of borrowing of the French, Greek, Russian and German words given in task 6.
  10. International Words
  11. Interrelation of Etymological and Stylistic Characteristics of Words.
  12. Lesson 30 Types of Combat

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Study the tables and then complete the text below with words from B opposite. | LEARNING THE JARGON

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