Text 3. Construction of the Mandelbrot Set


Internet Assignment:


Using Internet try to find out all you can about the land of Tor'Bled-Nam.


  2. Construction basics
  3. Construction Industry Glossary.
  4. Emphatic Negative Constructions
  5. Exercise 1. Translate the following sentences paying attention to Participle Constructions in different syntactic functions.
  6. III. Translate the sentences below into English using the infinitive or infinitive constructions
  7. Look through the text and find sentences with the Infinitive and the Infinitive Constructions. Translate them into Ukrainian.
  8. Methods of shoe construction
  9. My Future Speciality: Production Technologies of Building Constructions and Elements
  10. Text 1. From the History of Construction in Ukraine
  11. Text A. Construction Industry

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Text 2. The Insolubility of Hilbert's Problem | What is the very essence of mathematical visualization? Key-words: magnification, abstract mathematics, complex numbers, miracles of mathematics.

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