IV Translate the sentences in italics in a written form.

V Questions for discussion:

1. What things should one take into consideration before choosing a garment?

2. What are the main figure types?

3. What is a hourglass figure like?

4. What is your advice for people with hourglass figure?

5. What would you recommend to wear with pear shaped figure?

6. Why is inverted triangle figure described as the wedge?

7. Why is this figure of the least difficulty?

8. Why is it important to know ones figure type?



I Mind the following words and word-combinations:

1. to consume

2. to prevent

3. duck type

4. skipped stitches

5. bent


II Listen to the text and be ready to answer the questions:

1. Why should one be properly ready before starting to sew?

2. What causes the wrong hanging of the garment?

III Listen to the text again. Decide if the statements are true or false.

1. Right preparation for sewing will consume your time.

2. Your sewing machine must be accurately threaded.

3. The choice of the needle doesnt depend on the fabric.

4. A bent needle can damage the thread.

5. The grainline always runs parallel with the length of the fabric.




I Listen and remember the following words:

1. modesty ,

2. jewelry

3. to ward off

4 evil

5. to guard ,

6. hazard ,

7. thorn

8. insect

9. adornment


II Read and remember the following phrases:

1. a loose robe

2. foul-weather clothes

3. a bullet-proof vest

4. sore feet

5. to heal over

6. family ties

7. space suit


  1. Choose any newspaper and complete the following sentences.
  2. Combine the following words into sentences.
  3. Complete the sentences with the correct word in brackets.
  4. Complete the sentences.
  5. Complete with the words from the text. Translate them into Ukrainian.
  6. Compose sentences in English using the word-combinations from Ex. 8.
  7. Compose sentences with the words and word-combinations from Ex. 10.
  8. Compose sentences with the words and word-combinations from Ex. 8.
  9. Compose sentences with the words and word-combinations from Ex. 9.
  10. Ex. 3. Are these sentences true or false in your understanding? Correct the false ones.
  11. Ex. 3. Fill in the form.
  12. Ex. 7. Translate into Ukrainian paying attention to the forms of the Gerund.

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