Compose sentences with the words and word-combinations from Ex. 8.


10. Study the text and complete these sentences:

1. The control system must also mediate the transfer of information between ... .

2. In one approach the control system is completely hard-wired, that is, .

3. The control instructions are responsible for ... .

4. Evolutionary successor of the minicomputer, the microcomputer, is .

5. It has opened up new realms of ... .

6. In recent years a good deal of confusion has arisen about the meaning of .

7. It must be emphasized that microprogramming a computer is not the same as .

8. In most modern computers the routing of information is controlled at the lowest level by .

11. Combine the words from the left-and right-hand columns to make word-combinations. Translate them into Ukrainian:

fundamental state
electrical chips
control circuitry
flexible issue
detailed system
elementary functions
functional system
high-level instructions
microelectronic technology
computer programs
semiconductor level
mainframe approach

Compose sentences with the words and phrases from Ex. 11.

13. Write an appropriate word or phrase in the following spaces:

1. In the arithmetic and logic unit signals must between various computers, adders and other components.

2. In one approach, the control system is completely .

3. A second approach is more .

4. The sequence of paths that must follow in a program, which is stored in a separate memory unit incorporated into the processor.

5. A fundamental in the design of any computer is how to control or the electrical signals that information.

steer; flexible; be routed; represent; hard-wired; is embodied; issue


  2. Analyze the meanings of the italicized words. Identify the result of the changes of the connotational aspect of lexical meaning in the given words.
  3. Archaic, obsolete and historic words
  4. Choose any newspaper and complete the following sentences.
  5. Combine the following words into sentences.
  6. Compare the meanings of the given words. Define what semantic features are shared by all the members of the group and what semantic properties distinguish them from each other.
  7. Complete the sentences with the correct word in brackets.
  8. Complete the sentences.
  9. Complete with the words from the text. Translate them into Ukrainian.
  10. Compose sentences in English using the word-combinations from Ex. 8.
  11. Compose sentences with the words and word-combinations from Ex. 10.

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