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Word study

4.1 Translate the following definitions and memorize the terms:

altitude - 1) height above sea-level Syn: height; 2) the angular distance of a celestial body from the horizon measured along the vertical circle passing through the body; Syn: azimuth.

augment - to make greater; Syn: increase, enhance.

constellation - named group of fixed stars: Many of the 88 groups of stars were named by the ancient Greeks after animals, objects, or mythological persons.

latitude - distance north or south of the equator: It is situated in the latitude of 40 degrees.

longitude - distance east or west from the Greenwich meridian: The prime meridian is at 0°

sidereal - determined with reference to stars. Syn: star, stellar.

precise - strictly correct in amount or value. Syn: exact, punctual; Ant: approximate.

vehicle - a means for transporting people or objects. Syn: conveyance.

maintain - to keep in proper or good condition Syn: support.

utility - 1) the thing of practical use; 2) a piece of computer software designed for a routine task.

adjust - to alter slightly, esp. to achieve accuracy; Syn: regulate.

sequence - the successive order of two or more things Syn: progression , series , succession.

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