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Grammar notes. Relative clauses with a participle.

Relative clauses with a participle are often used in technical descriptions. They allow you to provide a lot of information about a noun using as few words as possible.

Study these examples:

1) Computers equipped with wireless NICs.

2) A network printer connected to a wireless print server.

3) A modem providing access to the Internet.

4) A fixed LAN linking computers with cables.

We can use the passive participle as in examples 1 and 2.

1) Computers equipped with wireless NICs. = computers which are equipped…

2) A network printer connected to a wireless print server = a network printer which is connected…

We can use an active participle as in examples 3 and 4.

3) A modem providing access to the Internet. = modem which provides access to the Internet.

4) A fixed LAN linking computers with cables. = A fixed LAN which links computers with cables.

3.17 Define which type of network topology the following statements refer to (star or bus)

1. Every networked device has its own physical link with the hub or switch.

2. Any break in the ... causes serious problems.

3. If one network device crashes, or there is a fault in the network cable, all the other stations are still able to function correctly.

4. This type of network is fast, reliable and inexpensive and is the most common.

5. The performance of the entire network is directly dependent on the performance of the hub. If the server is slow, it will cause the entire network to slow down.

6. Cable length required for this topology is the least compared to other networks.

7. Security is very low because all the computers receive the sent signal from the source.

8. … is mostly used in small networks. Good for LAN.

9. …the data packets don't have to make their way through various nodes which makes sure that the data transfer is fast.

10. …is the simplest of network topologies. In this type of topology, all the nodes (computers as well as servers) are connected to the single cable…


3.18 Describe the main features of a LAN in a paragraph or two:

3.19 Think of possible dangers from the Internet and what measures can be taken to prevent the negative impacts. Write a short (1-page) essay:

3.20 Read the following texts (G-A,B) and write definitions (in English) of the basic terms (italicized).

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