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Match the words with their definitions.

1. counterpart a.to present a case
2. advocacy b.a court officer who maintains order in the court room
3. plaintiff c.party bringing a suit
4. defendant d.a lawyer who speaks in a law court either for or against
5. judge e.opposing party
6. witness f.a right to present a case
7. judgment g.a person appointed to hear and try cases
8. bailiff h.a person appointed to hear and try cases in a court of law
9. to run a case i.a person who gives evidence at a trial
10. counsel j.a person against whom legal action is brought


Exercise 5

Fill in the chart using the topic-related words (use the dictionary if necessary; the first example has been done for you).

Verb Noun ( concept) Noun (person) Adjective
to present presentation presenter Presentable/ presentationable


Exercise 6

Complete the following sentences by using an appropriate form of the word in capitals.

1. The parties are… to win the case.
2. The … does not direct what people have to do.
3. The verdict depends on the strength of the evidence and … abilities of the respective barristers. c. PERSUADE
4. The judge can and often … the trial to ask questions of his own. d. INTERVENE
5. I’m seeking … of the regulations. e. CLARIFY



Exercise 7

Match the synonyms.

1. Advocacy a. Arbiter
2. Judgment b. Adversary
3. Determine c. Claimant
4. Proceeding d. Respondent
5. Defendant e. Trial
6. Plaintiff f. Decide
7. Contestant g. Decision in a civil trial
8. Judge h. A right to present a case

Section II


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