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IV. Grammar Review: Future forms.

A. Circle the correct form. Tick (v) the sentence if both are possible:

Model: I’m not going / I won't goto worktomorrow because it’s Sunday.


1. I am going to study/ I I'll studyFrench here next year.

2. A: Shall weI Will weeat out tonight?

B: Good idea.

3. We'll go / We're going toGermany next week. I can't wait.

4. What are you going to wear / I are you wearingto the party?

5. Do you think it will rain / it's going to raintomorrow?

6. A: This is heavy.

В: I'll help / I helpyou.

7. I’m meeting / I meeta cousin this evening.

8. I’m really sorry. I promise. I won't do I / I'm not going to doit again.

9. They’re getting I They're going to getmarried in September.


B. Complete B's replies with a correct future form.

Model: A:Sorry, Ann's not in.

В:ОК.I'll call backlater. (call back)


1. A: There's no milk.

В: Don't worry, I___ some. (get)

2. A: Can we meet on Tuesday?

В: Sorry, I can't. I___ to Brighton on Tuesday. (go)

3. A: Can we have pizza for lunch?

В: No, we____ chicken. I've already put it in the oven. (have)

4. A: Is that the phone?

В: Yes, but don't get up. I it. (answer)


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