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The device is intended for medical research, diagnosis of human diseases by using parameters of biologically active points (BAP) as well as for treatment by a complex physiotherapeutic action on BAPs.

The device makes it possible to carry out the following procedures:

· Finding BAPs on a human body

· Measurement of BAP parameters such as:

– electric resistance

– temperature

· Complex or selective action on BAPs with a view to cure patients of diseases by:

– laser and heat radiation

– electric signals

– magnetic field

– vibration

· Medical and biological investigations aimed at evaluating the results of the above physiotherapeutic action on BAP parameters for various diseases.


· There have been found no similar full-featured devices of this class in Russia or any other country.

· It is a small-sized portable device easy to operate. Power supply is 220V AC


· The device is protected by six patents of the Russian Federation.


· The device was awarded a big gold medal and a diploma at the International Exhibitions “Sibregular” and “Medsib –96”.


The RF Ministry of Health has granted permission to conduct certification tests of the device. Positive results have been obtained in preliminary clinical tests.


Only a few devices have been manufactured. Preparation for small-scale production of the device is under way.

Speech practice

Seminar: NSTU Schools of Thought

Start yout presentation with a brief history of the school of thought you belong to, mentioning its leading scientists. Then describe its the main fields of research. After that speak about the achievements and results of the research work.

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