Assignments for Punctuation

1. Supply the necessary commas for the following sentences:

a. She pulled inthe driveway parked in the carport and entered the house which was dark.

b. If a company wishes to increase customer traffic sales volume and profit margin it should locate its retail stores in an attractive well-frequented shopping center.

c. Planting seeds to reproduce forests is an inexpensive reliable method and small land owners can use it with confidence.

d. At this time around 400 million years ago there was sufficient air to allow fish amphibians and other creatures to become land dwellers.

e. The team however will probably not miss its huge high-scoring center too much because it has recruited a seven-foot high school star who was selected for the Parade All-American team.

f. Sixty Minutes the award-winning popular television program which is aired Sunday evenings is an excellent example of hard-hitting uncompromising investigative reporting that appeals to people of all age groups income levels and educational backgrounds.

g. 1945 after Germany signed an unconditional surrender which ended the war in Europe the United States could make an all-out effort against Japan which had lost most of its fleet in battles for the Philippines the Marianas Okinawa and Iwo Jima.

2.Correct the apostrophe problems in the following sentences where needed.

a. He could not decide which of the two movies had given him his moneys worth.

b. The Chronicle of Higher Education contained a letter by Harvards president explaining the universitys reluctance to take a stand on the worlds moral problems.

c. We do not understand its significance; its too difficult.

d. Mens clothing in the 20th century is less ornate than womens.

e. The other students problems have nothing in common with yours.

f. Is Mark Hughes intent to show the poets use of metaphors?


3.The following sentences exhibit faulty colon or semicolon punctuation. Supply the appropriate mark where needed.

a. Students should receive letter grades for at least two reasons to reward them for their achievement and to make the evaluation of their work apparent to others.

b. The Black English dialect may result from five influences African languages West African pidgin a plantation creole once spoken by southern slaves non-Standard English and finally, the isolation in the black urban ghettos.

c. A man may say that the moon is made of cheese that is an hypothesis.

d. We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

e. Students with little academic talent are often forced to attend college therefore, they are doomed to failure.

f. She worried about the nutritional effects of the fad diet nevertheless, she decided to try it.

4.Supply the appropriate punctuation for the following examples containing dialogue or quotations.

a. Aint she cute Red Sams wife said leaning over the counter Would you like to come be my little girl No I certainly wouldnt June Star said I wouldnt live in a brokendown place like this for a million bucks and she ran back to the table Aint she cute the woman repeated stretching her mouth politely Aint you ashamed hissed the grandmother

Flannery OConner

b. I have heard said he you will not take this place any more sahib What are you going to do with it Perhaps I shall let it again Then I will keep it on while I am away

Rudyard Kipling

c. How can I be a spendthrift he asked when I dont have any money to spend and I am not thrifty.

d. The word imply means to hint or suggest the word infer means to deduce.

5.Supply dashes where appropriate in the following sentences.

a. Students should receive grades for at least two reasons to reward them for their achievement and to evaluate their work in order to inform prospective employers, however, admission officials at graduate and professional schools are also interested in applicants grades.

b. Many public figures have been afflicted with dyslexia a serious reading impairment.

c. It was a typical school day rushing to dress for class, getting no breakfast, running up and down flights of stairs.

d. Mr. Jones everybody but his mother called him "Jonesy" had the look of a man constantly recovering from a hangover.

e. Albert Schweitzer was truly a humanitarian if there is such a thing as a true humanitarian.


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