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Exercise 14. Match phrasal verbs to their definitions.

1. to come up with 2. to crack down 3. to smoke out 4. to step up 5. to be after 6. to break into 7. to tip off 8. to lean on 9. to let off 10. to be/get mixed up in a. to increase something
b. to chase
c. to start dealing with someone or something much more strictly
d. to warn someone secretly about something that will happen so that they can take action or prevent it from happening
e. to be or to become involved in an illegal or bad activity
f. to produce or provide something that people want
g. not to punish someone who has committed a crime or done something wrong, or not to punish someone severely
h. to bring into the open; expose to the public
i. to enter by force
j. to deceive someone or make them believe something that is not true

Exercise 15. Fill the correct particles into the spaces. Use the information from the above exercise.

We're in big trouble if we don't come ________ with the money by 6 o'clock.

I was pulled over for speeding, but I was let ________ with a warning.

3. If it is to smoke _______ al-Qaeda the US must, as Mr Rumsfeld has said, "alter the military balance".

The boss is leaning _______ us to meet the deadline.

Michael Masters was giving her a time, and a day, to break ______ his house and take his pistols.

My flat was broken _________ while I was away.

He tipped _________ the police about the terrorist plot.

How could David be mixed _______ _______ smuggling?

The school is cracking _______ on smoking.

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Customs’ IPR Enforcement. Grammar: PhrasalVerbs | The police are __________ the bank robbers.

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