Complete each sentence (1-10) with one of the endings (A-J)

When a space rocket blasts off, A in orbit around a small star.
In 1957 the Soviet Union launched B has people in it who are operating its controls.
The planet is probably C a large building in which aircraft are kept.
The satellite was called Sputnik, D six manned Soviet orbiting spacecraft, the first of which, launched in April 1961, carried the first man in space.
A manned vehicle such as a spacecraft E between Mercury and the earth at an average distance of 108 million km from the sun.
A hangar is F the first satellite to orbit the earth.
Vostok is a series of G and was awarded many medals and titles, including Hero of the Soviet Union, the nation's highest honour.
Unmanned vehicles such as spacecraft H it leaves the ground at the start of its journey.
Venus orbits I the Russian word for companion.
Yuri Gagarin became an international celebrity, J do not have any people in them and operate automatically or are controlled from a distance.

7. Find proper definitions (second column) for the words and word combinations (first column):

reliable A showing or involving great activity or vitality
capable B having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it
energetic C an opening of restricted size allowing for passage from one area to another, in particular.
ambitious D the ability to continue with an unpleasant or difficult situation, experience, or activity over a long period of time.
determined E having the ability, fitness, or quality necessary to do or achieve a specified thing
porthole F able to be trusted
endurance G having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed
blastoff H the first stage of a rocket or spacecraft, used to give initial acceleration and then jettisoned.
hatch I a small window on the outside of a ship or aircraft
booster J the launching of a rocket or spacecraft


Give a 5-minute presentation on one of the following topics. Use the Memorized Method of Delivery.

1) The Idea of Manned Space Flight

2) Russian Cosmonauts

3) American Cosmonauts

4) European Cosmonauts


The Memorized Method of Delivery It involves: Writing out the speech word for word; Committing it to memory. Advantages: if you have a good memory the memorized method of delivery might seem the best way to present your speech. Disadvantages: when you try to recite from memory, all your energy will be focused on remembering the exact wording and phrasing instead of projecting your message to the audience.


Do some research and write a 100-200 word history of space flight. Organize your material into a definite structure. Read the text aloud using the correct pronunciation. Look through this list of words and phrases for new ideas on how to begin and end paragraphs in your paper.

as follows especially in detail
in particular including namely
specifically to enumerate to explain
Example and illustration
an illustration of as an illustration as follows
by way of illustration e.g. (for example) even
for example for instance in other words
in particular namely specifically
such as the following example thus
afterward at first at the same time
earlier finally first of all
first for now for the time being
in conclusion in the first place in the meantime
in time in turn last
later on later meanwhile
next simultaneously soon
subsequently the next step then
to begin with ultimately while


  2. A few moments later, Mr. Weasley came into the warm living room carrying his dinner on a tray. He looked completely exhausted.
  3. A) Practise using the words and word combinations in bold type to make other comparisons between some two-four regions of Russia. Write your best sentences down.
  4. A) Read this advice from a travel book and complete the sentences.
  5. A. In each sentence, underline the verb and circle the subject.
  6. A. In these sentences underline the verb and then circle the subject.
  7. A. In these sentences, underline the verbs and circle the subjects.
  8. A. Sarah and Ken are having an argument. Read what Sarah says and complete the dialogue with Kens answers from the box below. Then try to guess his last answer.
  9. A. What do you know about the economy of Canada? Complete this file, use vertical prompts if necessary.
  10. A. You will hear a manager interviewing a person for a job. Listen out for these verbs, and then use them to complete sentences 1-5.
  11. And with that, he vanished completely, leaving behind him nothing but his murky backdrop.
  12. And write your own sentences with the same words and phrases.

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