Conversational Practice

1. Agree with the following statements, adding your own comments. Use the introductory phrases:

Thats right.

There is no denying that .

There is no point of disagreeing that .


1. A computer is a combination of computer hardware and software.

2. The hardware of a computer consists of a central processing unit (a memory) and peripheral equipment.

3. The basic computer hardware can operate only upon numeric program instructions.

4. The software of a computer consists of sequences (strings) of instructions that may be expressed in a variety of programming languages.

5. The writing of the higher-level programs is generally known as software.

6. Microprograms are sometimes classified as firmware, thereby signifying their intermediate status between hardware and software.

2. Suppose that the information in the statement is insufficient. Repeat the statement and add your own reasoning, thus developing the idea. Use the following phrases:

Theres one more thing to be noted

I may as well add that


Youve omitted

What is missing (lacking) in the statement is that


1. In the arithmetic and logic unit signals must be routed between various computers.

2. The control system is completely hard-wired.

3. A set of control instruments a microprogram is written in microcode.

4. The routing of information is controlled at the lowest level by a microprogram.

3. Express your personal view on the statement given below. Use the following phrases:

As for me .

As concerns .

As far as I am concerned .

What I mean to say is .

In conclusion, I may say .

To summarize the topic .

Software can never equal brainware.


Give a short summary of the text.

Text B. Computer Crime

1. Read and translate the text:


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