Conversational Practice

1. Agree or disagree with the statements given below. Use the introductory phrases and develop the idea further. Use the following phrases:

I hold a similar view

I share this viewpoint

Its correct to say

This is a convincing argument

I see no point at all to disagree that

There is no point in denying that

That doesnt sound convincing enough

Not quite so, I am afraid.

I dont think this is just the case.

I doubt it. Far from that.

Just the other way round.

Not at all. Quite the reverse.


1. Different levels of human intellect were being modeled.

2. For a long time mathematicians did not try to treat matters of perception mathematically.

3. A worker in artificial intelligence seeks to design sophisticated information-processing machines that parallel human intellectual behaviour or brain function.

4. The design of correct AI parallels the structure of human brain.

5. Robots mechanical intelligence capable of operating in our own real world environment are widely employed in science and engineering.

2. Choose the definition of artificial intelligence which, to your mind, is the correct one. Justify your choice:

1. AI is a science of robots.

2. AI is an experimental science which employs computer as a means of modeling to perceive the nature of the human thinking.

3. AI is a science that designs machines to make what a man consider intellectual when he is making the same.

4. AI is the area concerned with programming computers to behave in an intelligent way.


3. Debate the given statement. It is advisable that the group be divided into two parties, each party advocating their viewpoint. Use the following introductory phrases:

I will start by saying (claiming) that

What I mean to say is

You are free to disagree with me but

My point is that

Much depends on who (when, what, how)

Id like to make it clear


The field of AI exhibits a recurring pattern: early dramatic success followed by unexpected difficulties and failures. This pattern occurs in all basic areas of AI (problem-solving, game-playing, language-translation and pattern-recognition) in two phases, each lasting roughly five years. The reasons, to your mind?

Give a short summary of the text.


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  10. II. Listen to the following words and practice their pronunciation
  11. II. Listen to the following words and practice their pronunciation

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