Conversational Practice

1. Suppose that the information in the statement is insufficient. Repeat the statement and add your own reasoning, thus developing the idea. Use the following phrases:

Theres one more thing to be noted

I may as well add that


Youve omitted

What is missing (lacking) in the statement is that

1. A computer has essentially only three parts: a memory, an instruction processor and a data processor.

2. A datum is anything that can be an operand.

3. Memory holds both data and instructions.

4. Instructions are organized into programs, often called routines or codes.

2. Agree or disagree with the statements given below. Use the introductory phrases and develop the idea further. Use the following phrases:

Thats right.

I fully agree to it.

I dont think so.

This is not the case.

Its wrong, Im afraid.

Quite the reverse.

1. The computer models explain what people actually do when they think or perceive.

2. There must be a digital way of performing human tasks.

3. Discuss the statement. The following phrases may be helpful:

I am confirmed in my opinion that

The statement may be confirmed by

I can (not) be denied that

I deny that the statement is true.


Modern computers are much faster, more complex, multifunctional and useful than most people dreamed 50 years ago.


Give a short summary of the text.

Text B. Computers

1. Read and translate the text:


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  10. II. Listen to the following words and practice their pronunciation
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