Conversational Practice

1. Agree or disagree with the following statements. Begin your answer with the following phrases:

I hold a similar view

I share this viewpoint

Its correct to say

This is a convincing argument

I see no point at all to disagree that

There is no point in denying that

That doesnt sound convincing enough

Not quite so, I am afraid.

I dont think this is just the case.

I doubt it. Far from that.

Just the other way round.

Not at all. Quite the reverse.

1. The general theory of relativity has numerous successors and competitors.

2. When Newton described gravitation for the first time, he gave science the law of universal gravitation.

3. Einsteins theory allows for the existence of different models of the universe open, closed, etc. but Logunov and Mestvirishvili allow for only one model. Their universe can only be flat.

4. There are a few wise scientists who decline to favour one theory of gravitation over another. They attempt to study all the theories as a class, hoping thereby to unlock some of the secrets of gravitation in an unbiased manner independent of anyone particular theory.

2. Discuss the statements trying to prove your point of view. Use the following phrases:

I have to admit that

I have reason to believe that

My point is that

It seems reasonable to assert that

Summing up the discussion

In conclusion, I may say

To summarize, I may say

To summarize the topic


1. The scientist must order. One makes science with facts as a house with stones; but an accumulation of facts is no more science than a pile of stones is a house. (Poincare.) Prove or disagree.

2. Newton was not only the greatest but the most fortunate among scientists, because the science of the world can be created only once, and it was Newton who created it. (Lagrange.) Your viewpoint.

Give a short summary of the text.

Text B. Gravitation

1. Read and translate the text:


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