Divide the text into logical parts.

2. Express the main idea of each part. Use the following phrases:

The first (second, third ) part of the text is about

It describes (considers, deals with, informs)

The author stresses (points out) that


3. Ask your friend some questions in English about their content. Summarize his/her answers:









4. Tell your friends about the ways of concrete production. Use the key words:

concrete; important; artificial conglomerate; crushed stone; gravel; mortar; production; selection; accurate method; volume; to weigh.

5. Give a detailed description of reinforced concrete production. Use the key words:

concrete, reinforced concrete, to be reinforced with , iron and steel bars, elasticity, initial plasticity, final rigidity, resistance to , low thermal insulating value, to require forms, to be kept warm, preferred material.

6. Compare concrete and reinforced concrete with other building materials. Discuss the problem with your friends, give your opinion:

As far as I know ;

I suppose ;

The fact is ;

To start with ;

They say ;

If I am not mistaken .

Give a short summary of the text.

VI. Listening Comprehension

1. Translate the following words and word-combinations into Ukrainian:

prestressed concrete, tendons, high-tensile steel, pretensioning, posttensioning, anchore, to release, to induce, to annul, wire, hole, grout, creep, shrinkage, span.

2. Mask the text Prestressed concrete and listen to it attentively:


  1. Arrange the following units into two lexical and two terminological sets. I Give them corresponding names.
  2. Classification of phraseological units and their structural types.
  4. Contribution of Ukrainian linguists to lexicological studies.
  5. Different phonological schools and their concept of phoneme
  6. Divide the text into logical parts.
  7. Divide the text into logical parts.
  8. Divide the text into logical parts.
  9. Ecological Problems
  10. Free Word-Groups Versus Phraseological Units Versus Words
  11. Interrelation of Etymological and Stylistic Characteristics of Words.

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