The subject of accounting

Ex.1. Read and translate the text.

Subject of accounting

Accounting reflects the process of the extended social reproduction, and its separate kinds reflect different aspects of this process. For the definition of the subject of accounting it is necessary to clarify the economic content of its facilities, that is the essence of the parties of social reproduction process which it represents and controls. In the broadest sense the subject of accounting is the process of creating of the social product in that part, which may be covered by the information in the single monetary unit, as well as its distribution, exchange and consumption. Accounting is carried out in all the sectors of the national economy (at the enterprises, in organizations, institutions) and is used to monitor (observe) and control for their activities. In general, the subject of accounting is the process of expanded social reproduction (production, exchange and consumption of social product), as well as the use of economic resources in these processes, which are summarized in monetary measurer, to provide information required for the management and control.



reflect in the broadest sense

extended create

reproduction distribution

definition monitor

content summarize

facilities cover


Ex.2. Answer the questions.


  1. What does accounting reflect?
  2. What is necessary for the definition of the subject of accounting?
  3. What is the subject of accounting?
  4. What is the purpose of accounting using?
  5. Where is accounting carried out?


Ex.3. Find the Ukrainian equivalents in the second column.




1. reflect the process 1.

2. social reproduction 2.

3. subject of accounting 3.

4. necessary to clarify 4.

5. economic content 5.

6. essence of the parties 6.

7. single monetary unit 7.

8. national economy 8.

9. economic resources 9.

10. provide information 10.


Ex. 4. Compose the sentences using these words.


  1. Business process the reflects social of the extended reproduction accounting.
  2. Accounting clarify the its the subject of it necessary to is content of economic facilities.
  3. Accounting the creating product process subject of is the of the social.
  4. Accounting the sectors is economy out in all the carried of national.
  5. Expanded the social subject the of accounting is process of reproduction.


Ex. 5. Give three forms of the following verbs.


To reflect, to clarify, to represent, to control, to create, to cover, to carry out, to monitor, to observe, to use, to summarize, to provide.


Ex. 6. Ask all types of the questions to the following sentences.


1. Accounting reflects the process of the extended social reproduction. 2. Accounting is carried out in all the sectors of the national economy. 3. The subject of accounting is the process of expanded social reproduction.




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