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IV. Grammar Review: Passive Voice.

A. Correct the mistakes in the bold phrases:

Model:Honda carsmade in Japan. – Honda cars are made in Japan.

1. A new motorway is being build at the moment. 2. The film based on a famous novel. 3. This programme were watched by millions of people. 4. My bag was stole when I was in Florida. 5. The Harry Potter books were written for JK Rowling. 6. I couldn't send you an email because my computer was repairing. 7. You will taken to your hotel by taxi. 8. Oh no! Our flight has being cancelled. 9. English is spoke in this restaurant. 10. Seat belts must wear at all times.


B. Rewrite the sentences with the Passive and translate them into Russian:

Model:They sell cold drinks here. – Cold drinksare soldhere.

1. The British government has changed every aspect of education policy in England and Wales. – Every aspect ____________________.

2. They have changed the funding of schools, the governance and running of schools, curriculum standards, assessment and testing. – The funding of schools, __________________________.

3. The best performing systems in the world attract the best teachers. – The best teachers ____________________.

4. Modern universities have driven student-centred teaching and innovative curriculum design. – Student-centred teaching _______________________.

5. These universities also developed new subject offers and multidisciplinary courses. – New subject offers ___________________________.

6. Ministry of Education employs the best candidates. – The best candidates ___________________.

7. Applicants submit a set of documents to the entrance committee. – A set of documents _______________________.

8. School leavers take the obligatory Unified State Exams (USE). – The obligatory USE ________________.

9. Students take necessary textbooks from the library. – Necessary textbooks _______________.

10. They appoint the date of entrance exams to the university in June. – The date of entrance exams _________________.

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