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F. Write a detailed plan of the text giving headings to its paragraphs and using the words and word combinations in bold.

III. Vocabulary: Higher Education

A. Fill in the gaps with the following words:

Behave, cheat, do, fail, learn, leave, pass, revise, start, study, last, term, take

1. When he was at school, he used to study for hours every evening.

2. I must _______ tonight. I have an exam tomorrow.

3. Our French teacher was terrible. We didn't _________ anything.

4. If you don't _____your homework, you can't watch TV later.

5. The teacher was angry because some of the pupils had tried to ______ in the exam.

6. If you want to be a lawyer, you have to _________a lot of exams.

7. In the UK children _______ school when they are four and can't _________before they are 16.

8. I hope I'm going to ________ my exams. My parents will be furious if I ___________.

9. He was a rebel at school. He used to ________ very badly.

10. The academic year ______ ten months and is divided into two _____.


B. Match the words to their definitions:

1. boarding school, 2. graduate, 3. head teacher, 4. nursery school, 5. primary school, 6. pupil, 7. professor, 8. religious school, 9. secondary school, 10. state school, 11. student, 12. private school.

____ A school paid for by the government which gives free education.

____ A non-government school where you have to pay.

____ A school for very young children, e.g. 1-4.

____ A school for young children, e.g. from 4-11.

____ A school for older children, e.g. 11-18.

____ A school where pupils live, eat, and sleep.

____ A school where the teachers are often priests or nuns.

____ The 'boss' of a school.

____ A senior university teacher.

____ A person who is studying at a college or university.

____ A child who is at school.

____ A person who has finished university and has a degree (e.g. in economics)


C. Make up sentences using the following words and word combinations:

1. I, at, a first-year, am, the university, student .

2. on the 1st of September, begins, two terms, is divided, The academic, and, year, into.

3. for 4 - 6 years, lasts, our university, of studies, The course, at.

4. in summer, have vocations, two weeks, Twice a year, –in winter, and, students, two months.

5. old, has, Our university, several: and, buildings, new ones.

6. faculties, nine, There are, at, university, our .

7. computer centers, has, library, Every faculty, specialized, laboratories, and, its own.

8. students, The first- and second-year, engineering, study, subjects, general.

9. In the third year, subjects, begin to study, students, specialized.

10. to study, difficult, It, at, is, our, interesting, university, but.

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