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Which of these important days are celebrated in your country? Make sure you can describe what people do on these days in English. Use a dictionary or encyclopedia if necessary.

Mother's Day Independence Day May Day Valentine's Day

2. Match the adjectives with the nouns. Some adjectives can be used with more than one noun. What event can each set of words describe?

Adjectives: mobile, popping, bubbly, scary, sticky, delicious, rich, decorated, colourful

Nouns: champagne, turkey, floats, streamers, tree, masks, corks, candy floss, wedding cake

e.g. mobile floats (carnival), rich wedding cake (wedding), decorated tree (Christmas)



3.Read about the festivals, note the collocations in bold and translate the texts


Ballynoe Fiddle Festival (18 July)


This fun festival falls on the third Saturday of July, and the village becomes the centre of wild music for the whole day. The festival celebrates the birthday of Pat Davey, a famous local musician. This year's special guests include Anne O'Keeffe (fiddle) and Ger Downes (guitar), who will uphold the annual tradition of playing at the house where Darvey was born.


Golden Apple Week (3-9 September)

Every year, the villagers of Hartsby hold an unusual festival - the Week of the Golden Apple. Hartsby, at the centre of the apple-growing region, celebrates this tradition, which dates back to theMiddle Ages, at the beginning of every September. The festival is held to celebrate the apple harvest. Come and join in the festivities and eat as many apples as you want! Tickets £5 (children £2)


Fire and Light Festival (18 Dec)


It may be winter, dark and cold, but the village of Taft will be in festive mood on December 18th. Wearing traditional dress, the women of the village perform dances around a huge fire in the main square, while the men keep up the age-old tradition of wearing large, brightly-coloured hats and carrying lanterns. The event marks the beginning of the festive season.


4.Translate orally

1. I am extremely superstitious, and I think that a black cat crossing his path, was an omen of misfortune .

2. The Rio de Janeiro carnival is always a very flamboyant and raucous event. There was the festive mood on the streets. Squares are filled with magicians, clowns, acrobats and jugglers.

3. Venetian carnival is held as unusual festival in Venice. The fun festival falls on 10 days before Shrovetide.

4. New year celebration dates back in 1919. All people in the world keep up the age-old tradition to decorate the Christmas tree, prepare a festive dinner and buy gifts for friends and relatives .

5. The 13 of January 1970 Vladimir Vysotsky tied the knot with French actress Maria Vladi. It was love at first sight.

6. President Comedy club Pavel Volya and Leysan Utyasheva decided to get hitched in secret. Now Leysan is located on the 7th month of pregnancy, she went abroad to give a birth to avoid publicity.

7. The family of my girlfriend is very friendly. Although all family members live in different cities but they uphold an annual tradition and gather together for the New year.

8. Every year people commemorate the children who had died in Beslan.

9. The sister of my friend didn`t decide to tie the knot with her boyfriend and they have lived for 3 months in civil marriage.

10. Now it’s becoming more and more popular among newlyweds to go on a honeymoon in an exotic place

11. Each of the invited guests traditionally proposed a toast and wished happiness to the newlyweds.

12. Yesterday my girlfriend's parents celebrated the anniversary of the silver wedding.

13. Yesterday my cousin was suffering from pre-wedding nerves but today she looks calm and the happiest in the world.

14.Traditionally bridesmaids help in the organization of wedding reception.



5. Read and translate the text. Look at this speech by the best man (usually the bridegroom's best or oldest male friend) at a wedding. He mixes informal and formal collocations, which can have a humorous effect.)


"Ladies and Gentlemen, according to long-standing tradition 1, I now have to make a speech, but it'll be very short, so here goes. I never thought Jim would ever get hitched2, but he's finally decided to tie the knot3. Yesterday he was suffering from рге-wedding nerves, but today he looked calm and happy as he and Sally were joined in matrimony4. So now, I'd like to propose a toast5 to the bride and groom. Please raise your glasses. To Sally and Jim! May they have many years of wedded bliss6!"


1 which has existed for along time

2/3 (informal) get married

4 (formal: used as part of the marriage ceremony) married

5 also make a toast

6 (usually used slightly humorously) happiness through being married


Adapted from English Collocations in Use


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